Uluhe (L8): Statewide Map of Uluhe with Landsat-8

Uluhe (false staghorn fern, Dicranopteris linearis) is a keystone species that plays an important role of conserving the pristine Hawaiian ecosystems by 1) rapidly colonizing bare ground after volcano eruption, landslide, or agricultural abandonment, 2) preventing invasive weeds from establishment, 3) improving water quality by stabilizing soil over steep slope and reducing soil erosion, and 4) providing critical habitat for endemic and endangered species such as the Hawaiian petrel.

Uluhe (L8) is the first statewide map of Uluhe in Hawaii that was produced using Landsat-8 cloud-free mosaics.

Download Kauai County map.
Download Honolulu County map.
Download Maui County & Kalawao County map.
Download Hawaii County map.

Want the entire state maps? Click here.

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